Benefits of Joining the Bothell Kenmore Chamber of Commerce:

Note: We have rebranded to the Bothell Kenmore Chamber and will be introducing a new website very soon!

The Chamber is the voice of business…Is your voice being heard?

Connection with your local community and peer business leaders at a variety of Chamber 

    events (General Meetings, Luncheons, Networking Breakfasts, After Hours Socials and

    other special events -- click here to view our Chamber calendar)

Networking opportunities and business exposure

Legislative advocacy for the interests of your business, both locally and regionally
  Free event postings in the Chamber online Calendar of Events (view community calendar)

Free event postings in the Chamber electronic newsletter

   (email all announcements to

Connection to K-12 and higher education institutions

Sponsorship opportunities to increase awareness of your company and the

   support you’re providing
   (view available event sponsorship, Patron & Community Partner Membership)

Active participation in the development of regulations to minimize the impact on business
Access to an abundance of resources and community information

Opportunity to establish a roundtable forum to collaborate with other local

   business leaders

Recruitment - Be prepared to answer the question, “Why should I move to Bothell?”

  Joining the Chamber is also a great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility
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